Kitty Comb Bracelet

Kitty Comb Bracelet

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Groom your cat with ease, comfort and style

Slip it on your wrist, across your palm or on an table leg, the kitty groomer delivers hours of comfy grooming, while helping free your cat of uncomfortable undercoat fur. It’s easy to use, cleans quickly and makes a stylish, between-grooming accessory.

If you want to provide comfort and clean fur, with the ease of mounting it on your furniture, wrist or palm, this easy to transport grooming tool is a must.

-Blended silicone provides supple, hypoallergenic grooming the that’s delicate on fur while grippy to undercoat

-Flexible wrist mounted design wraps easily around your palm, fingers, wrist and furniture legs for easy mounting - no tools needed

-Bristle pattern provides gentle massage while combing comfortably through fur without harsh pulling.